Hi Marek,
Change the rights for the output folder.

I had the same problem, solved it initially by manually changing the rights to 777, from a console, when the application finished the MR job and was in the infinite loop.  My current working solution was to code a sleep of 5sec then change the rights for the output folder before the line with incremental load.

Pe 10 apr. 2015 6:58 p.m., "Marek Wiewiorka" <marek.wiewiorka@gmail.com> a scris:
Hi All - I've got a problem with loading a csv file using bulk (map reduce) loader.
Loading process is starting normally and then hanging infinitely at this step:

2015-04-10 12:36:22,160 INFO  [phoenix-2-thread-0] mapreduce.HFileOutputFormat2 (HFileOutputFormat2.java:configureIncrementalLoad(388)) - Looking up current regions for table SE_DWH.HOMES_USAGE_RAW

Could you somebody advise me how to debug this weird situation?