Hi, we recently upgraded to Phoenix 4.3 and Hortonworks 2.2 (HBase .98.4) and we are running into some issues.  I am wondering if I am missing something easy and hoping you can help.  I have 34 regions servers and many keep crashing but without much in the way of error messages.


Here are the things that stand out:


ClientAsync.Process – waiting for some tasks to finish

smallCompaction RPCRetryingCaller: Call exception …. ‘msg row ‘SOME_PHOENIX_TABLE_NAME_IDX:<some long key>’ on table: SYSTEM.STATS attempt 225/350


Similar ones for largeCompaction as well. 


The other issue is the Pig loader hangs with these messages in the mapper logs:

[phoenix-1-thread-0] RPCRetryingCaller: Call exception msg row ‘’ on table ‘SYSTEM.CATALOG’


Eventually the mappers time out – no errors


Regions servers come up and down.  There are lots of connection refused errors as well. 


Restarting hbase does not help.  The region servers will come up then go down again. 


Zookeeper is up.  I’ve restarted just in case but it did not help


I cannot connect to Phoenix from the command line


Any help is appreciated.