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From Matthew Johnson <>
Subject RE: Timezones in Phoenix
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2015 08:39:33 GMT
Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the pointer. I believe you may be correct! I am using Squirrel
SQL with Phoenix jdbc client library. I will write my own client code using
the jdbc library to pull back the values and see what I get.



*From:* Gabriel Reid []
*Sent:* 16 April 2015 20:09
*Subject:* Re: Timezones in Phoenix

Hi Matt,

How are you viewing the timestamps (or in other words, how are you
verifying that they're not in GMT)?

The reason I ask is because internally in Phoenix, timestamps are used
without a timezone (they're just based on a long, as you've saved in your
table). However, the java.sql.Timestamp's string representation shows a
timestamp in the local timezone of the client. I expect that this string
formatting in j.s.Timestamp is what you're encountering. If so, it's not
due to anything in Phoenix; instead, it's the way the JDBC api works.

- Gabriel

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 1:09 PM Matthew Johnson <>

Hi all,

I have a bunch of millisecond timestamps stored in HBase as Long values. I
have a Phoenix view that reads these values as an UNSIGNED_DATE. Now that
the clocks have gone forwards, the Phoenix driver has automatically applied
the timezone change and as a result all of my Long values are being
converted an hour off. Is there a way to set the timezone in Phoenix so
that it will read the longs to dates as GMT+0000 (since this is what the
millisecond values represent).

Or, should I create a new view and create it to return an UNSIGNED_LONG,
and then use the ‘to_date’ function and pass in a timezone? This is less
convenient as it would mean using the function everywhere where we have
queries, but is an option.



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