Hi guys,


I’m a little bit stuck with doing an Inner Join with Phoenix. I set up one environment, created tables in HBase, and then created views (rather than tables) in Phoenix, and am able to query as expected (when I join my two tables I see results). I’ve just promoted to another environment, with the exact same setup, but my Inner Join returns no results!


I run the following two individual queries:


SELECT * FROM "mytable1" hc

where hc."myId" = 'XS0'


SELECT * FROM "mytable2" bs

where bs."myId" = 'XS0'


And both of these queries give results. But when I run:


SELECT * FROM "mytable1" hc

INNER JOIN “mytable2” bs

On hc."myId" = bs.”myId”


I get no results. I also get no results if I try:


SELECT * FROM "mytable1" hc

where hc."myId" in (select distinct “myId” from “mytable2”)


I have checked in HBase shell and can see the “myId” value is as expected (XS0 in both tables). I am not sure if there are any logs that I can look at to get some insight?


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!





PS Something that may or may not be of note: In the environments I am using:

WORKING: hbase-0.98.8-hadoop2 / phoenix-4.2.2-server.jar

FAILING:     hbase-0.98.9-hadoop2 / phoenix-4.2.2-server.jar