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From "xuxc1120" <>
Subject 回复:Mapping HBase table in Phoenix
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 05:45:06 GMT
just as  you said,it has 2 families in your table:'cf1'and 'cf2', ‍
but you mapped "cf2"."address"  into the ‍view and you put "‍address" in 'cf1' family,so
you will get a NULL in the view.‍

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主题: Mapping HBase table in Phoenix

Hi Everyone,
When I map a table in Phoenix from Hbase which has two column families, I could not able to
see the data for 2nd column family from Phoenix.
create 'tab_2_cf', 'cf1', 'cf2'
put 'tab_2_cf', 'r1', 'cf1:name', 'asdf'
put 'tab_2_cf', 'r1', 'cf1:address', 'CALIF'
From Phoenix:
create view "tab_2_cf"(pk varchar primary key, "cf1"."name" varchar, "cf2"."address" varchar);
queried the table from phoenix, data is being shown as NULL for Column address.
0: jdbc:phoenix:> select * from "tab_2_cf";
|     PK     |    name    |  address   |
| r1         | asdf       | null       |
Any help on this?
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