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From Andrew Purtell <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] HBase is now available for download
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2015 19:31:50 GMT
Apache HBase is now available for download. Get it from an Apache
mirror [1] or Maven repository.

The list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes
[2][3] or following this announcement.

Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

The HBase Dev Team


HBASE-8026 HBase Shell docs for scan command does not reference VERSIONS
HBASE-10499 In write heavy scenario one of the regions does not get flushed
causing RegionTooBusyException
HBASE-10528 DefaultBalancer selects plans to move regions onto draining
HBASE-11195 Potentially improve block locality during major compaction for
old regions
HBASE-12121 maven release plugin does not allow for customized goals
HBASE-12223 MultiTableInputFormatBase.getSplits is too slow
HBASE-12270 A bug in the bucket cache, with cache blocks on write enabled
HBASE-12393 The regionserver web will throw exception if we disable block
HBASE-12480 Regions in FAILED_OPEN/FAILED_CLOSE should be processed on
master failover
HBASE-12607 TestHBaseFsck#testParallelHbck fails running against hadoop
HBASE-12608 region_mover.rb does not log moving region count correctly when
loading regions
HBASE-12627 Add back snapshot batching facility from HBASE-11360 dropped by
HBASE-12641 Grant all permissions of hbase zookeeper node to hbase
superuser in a secure cluster
HBASE-12644 Visibility Labels: issue with storing super users in labels
HBASE-12658 Backport HBASE-12574 (Update replication metrics to not do so
many map look ups) to 0.98
HBASE-12694 testTableExistsIfTheSpecifiedTableRegionIsSplitParent in
TestSplitTransactionOnCluster class leaves regions in transition
HBASE-12697 Don't use RegionLocationFinder if localityCost == 0
HBASE-12699 undefined method `setAsyncLogFlush' exception thrown when
setting DEFERRED_LOG_FLUSH=>true
HBASE-12709 [mvn] Add unit test excludes command line flag to the build.
HBASE-12715 getLastSequenceId always returns -1
HBASE-12716 A bug in RegionSplitter.UniformSplit algorithm
HBASE-12720 Make InternalScan LimitedPrivate
HBASE-12722 Backport TestMultiTableInputFormat to 0.98 branch
HBASE-12724 Upgrade the interface audience of RegionScanner from Private to
HBASE-12729 Backport HBASE-5162 (Basic client pushback mechanism) to 0.98
HBASE-12731 Heap occupancy based client pushback
HBASE-12732 Log messages in FileLink$FileLinkInputStream#tryOpen are
HBASE-12739 Avoid too large identifier of ZooKeeperWatcher
HBASE-12745 Visibility Labels:  support visibility labels for user groups.
HBASE-12750 getRequestsCount() in ClusterStatus returns total number of
HBASE-12762 Region with no hfiles will have the highest locality cost in
HBASE-12767 Fix a StoreFileScanner NPE in reverse scan flow
HBASE-12768 Support enable cache_data_on_write in Shell while creating table
HBASE-12773 Add warning message when user is trying to bulkload a large
HBASE-12774 Fix the inconsistent permission checks for bulkloading.
HBASE-12776 SpliTransaction: Log number of files to be split
HBASE-12779 SplitTransaction: Add metrics
HBASE-12781 thrift2 listen port will bind always to the passed command line
HBASE-12782 ITBLL fails for me if generator does anything but 5M per maptask
HBASE-12787 Backport HBASE-12028 (Abort the RegionServer when it's handler
threads die) to 0.98
HBASE-12788 Promote Abortable to LimitedPrivate
HBASE-12791 HBase does not attempt to clean up an aborted split when the
regionserver shutting down
HBASE-12793 [hbck] closeRegionSilentlyAndWait() should log cause of
IOException and retry until  hbase.hbck.close.timeout expires
HBASE-12801 Failed to truncate a table while maintaing binary region
HBASE-12804 ImportTsv fails to delete partition files created by it
HBASE-12811 [AccessController] NPE while scanning a table with user not
having READ permission on the namespace
HBASE-12817 Data missing while scanning using PREFIX_TREE data block
HBASE-12819 ExportSnapshot doesn't close FileSystem instances
HBASE-12825 CallRunner exception messages should include destination
HBASE-12831 Changing the set of vis labels a user has access to doesn't
generate an audit log event
HBASE-12832 Describe table from shell no longer shows Table's attributes,
only CF attributes
HBASE-12834 Promote ScanType to LimitedPrivate
HBASE-12837 ReplicationAdmin leaks zk connections
HBASE-12842 Fix the incompatibility introduced by AccessControlClient in
HBASE-12844 ServerManager.isServerReacable() should sleep between retries
HBASE-12845 ByteBufferOutputStream should grow as direct buffer if the
initial buffer is also direct BB
HBASE-12847 TestZKLessSplitOnCluster frequently times out in 0.98 builds
HBASE-12854 Fix the CopyTable incompatibility introduced in HBASE-11997 in
HBASE-12864 IntegrationTestTableSnapshotInputFormat fails
HBASE-12878 Incorrect HFile path in TestHFilePerformance print output (fix
for easier debugging)
HBASE-12885 Unit test for RAW / VERSIONS scanner specifications
HBASE-12886 Correct tag option name in PerformanceEvaluation
HBASE-12892 Add a class to allow taking a snapshot from the command line
HBASE-12898 Add in used undeclared dependencies
HBASE-12904 Threading issues in region_mover.rb
HBASE-12905 Clean up presence of hadoop annotations in 0.98
HBASE-12910 describe in the shell is broken
HBASE-12915 Disallow small scan with batching
HBASE-12916 No access control for replicating WAL entries
HBASE-12918 Backport asciidoc changes
HBASE-12925 Use acl cache for doing access control checks in prepare and
clean phases of Bulkloading.
HBASE-12926 Backport HBASE-12688 (Update site with a bootstrap-based UI)
for HBASE-12918
HBASE-12932 [0.98] Change the interface annotation of HConnection from
Public/Stable to Public/Evolving
HBASE-12933 [0.98] Fold StatisticsHConnection into HConnection
HBASE-12979 Use setters instead of return values for handing back
statistics from HRegion methods

Best regards,

   - Andy

Problems worthy of attack prove their worth by hitting back. - Piet Hein
(via Tom White)

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