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From Ganesh R <>
Subject Re: Incorrect data retrieval: Phoenix table on HBase
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2015 18:32:47 GMT
Well, like i said the issue is not with Phoenix view on Phoenix table. 
Issue: Phoenix view on HBase table. 
Anything which goes inside HBase goes as an array of bytes. Its responsibility of client (Phoenix
view in this case) to convert it into appropriate data types. 
Steps to reproduce:- Create a HBase table (using HBase shell)- Put values in column identifiers.
Values can be date, int, float (as per my initial post).- Create Phoenix view with appropriate
data types (date, int, float and not varchar for all cols).- Run a select query. You won't
see the same values are you'll see in HBase shell get command. 
Refer the link if above steps aren't clear - (I
am trying to do something similar, not the same)
Question: Does phoenix view on pre-existing HBase table support only varchars?? or is it an

     On Saturday, 28 February 2015 10:12 AM, Dan Di Spaltro <>

 It looks like you have everything stored as strings in the original table.  So if you created
the view over an existing table, they would need to all be VARCHARs.

On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 10:06 AM, Ganesh R <> wrote:

The issue is not with Phoenix view on Phoenix table. it's with Phoenix view on HBase table. Refer
my initial post to reproduce it. 

     On Saturday, 28 February 2015 6:42 AM, Naga Vijayapuram <>

 Please check your view creation statement.  It works for me …
> create table NV.T1 (name varchar(30), age integer, grade float, dob date not null, constraint
nv_t1_pk primary key (name, dob));
> create view NV.V1 as select * from NV.T1;
> upsert into NV.T1 values ('John Doe', 23, 3.5, to_date('1981-07-01 04:02:01'));
> select * from NV.T1;+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+| 
  NAME    |    AGE     |  GRADE    |         DOB         |+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+|John
Doe   | 23         |3.5        | 1981-07-01          |+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+
> select * from NV.V1;+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+| 
  NAME    |    AGE     |  GRADE    |         DOB         |+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+|John
Doe   | 23         |3.5        | 1981-07-01          |+------------+------------+------------+---------------------+

On Feb 27, 2015, at 12:23 PM, Ganesh R <> wrote:

Hello,I am trying to create phoenix table with appropriate data types on existing HBase table. 
HBase table:
hbase(main):017:0> get 'P_VIEW_TEST', '1'COLUMN                          
             CELL DATA:DT_VAL                                  timestamp=1425066171071,
value=2015-02-27 00:00:00.000 DATA:FT_VAL                                
 timestamp=1425066195810, value=3.29 DATA:IT_VAL                          
       timestamp=1425067277161, value=4345
Phoenix table:
CREATE VIEW P_VIEW_TEST(        DT_VAL          DATE,        FT_VAL      
   FLOAT,        IT_VAL          INTEGER) default_column_family='DATA';
-- View gets created -- No issues.However when i query the view. 
select * from P_VIEW_TEST;

+---------------------+------------+------------+|       DT_VAL        |   FT_VAL
          |   IT_VAL   |+---------------------+------------+------------+| 840-02-22
         | -1.09997624E8 |     -1271712715 |+---------------------+------------+------------+
So to retrieve right data in Phoenix view (on Hbase table), the view should always have all
column types as "varchar" ??
Thanks,Ganesh R


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