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From Ganesh R <>
Subject Incorrect data retrieval: Phoenix table on HBase
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2015 20:23:37 GMT
Hello,I am trying to create phoenix table with appropriate data types on existing HBase table. 
HBase table:
hbase(main):017:0> get 'P_VIEW_TEST', '1'COLUMN                          
             CELL DATA:DT_VAL                                  timestamp=1425066171071,
value=2015-02-27 00:00:00.000 DATA:FT_VAL                                
 timestamp=1425066195810, value=3.29 DATA:IT_VAL                          
       timestamp=1425067277161, value=4345
Phoenix table:
CREATE VIEW P_VIEW_TEST(        DT_VAL          DATE,        FT_VAL      
   FLOAT,        IT_VAL          INTEGER) default_column_family='DATA';
-- View gets created -- No issues.However when i query the view. 
select * from P_VIEW_TEST;

+---------------------+------------+------------+|       DT_VAL        |   FT_VAL
          |   IT_VAL   |+---------------------+------------+------------+| 840-02-22
         | -1.09997624E8 |     -1271712715 |+---------------------+------------+------------+
So to retrieve right data in Phoenix view (on Hbase table), the view should always have all
column types as "varchar" ??
Thanks,Ganesh R

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