Since Hadoop came out, there have been various commercial and/or open-source attempts to expose some compatibility with SQL. Obviously by posting here I am not expecting an unbiased answer.

Seeking an SQL-on-Hadoop offering which provides: low-latency querying, and supports the most common CRUD, including [the basics!] along these lines: CREATE TABLE, INSERT INTO, SELECT * FROM, UPDATE Table SET C1=2 WHERE, DELETE FROM, and DROP TABLE. Transactional support would be nice also, but is not a must-have.

Essentially I want a full replacement for the more traditional RDBMS, one which can scale from 1 node to a serious Hadoop cluster.

Python is my language of choice for interfacing, however there does seem to be a Python JDBC wrapper.

Here is what I've found thus far:

Which—from this list or elsewhere—would you recommend, and why?

Thanks for all suggestions,