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From Thanaphol Prasitphaithoon <>
Subject Integer record change when I create table from Phoenix to hbase
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2015 11:24:44 GMT
Hi guys,
 I have problem about integer record from hbase table. I create table from
phoenix to hbase cluster with UNSIGNED_TINYINT for integer column and I use
sqoop to import records from RDBMS to hbase but when I view record from
phoenix I see different number between phoenix and hbase.
I import "1" Integer from RDBMS to HBASE.
I scan record in HBASE. I still see "1".
I select * from phoenix table. I see "49".

      1      =>       1      =>       49

It like hbase collect record as string. When I set datatype = Integer in
phoenix table ,Phoenix will convert String to Integer.

What are your suggest me to do for this problem?

Thank you

Thanaphol Prasitphaithoon

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