Hi James/Rajeshbabu,


Thanks for the update !! yes I was using hbase API to update the tables hence I was unable to see updated indexes.




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Hi Siddharth,

In addition to what Rajeshbabu said, what kind of table have you created and how are you updating the data? If you use HBase APIs to update the table, then Phoenix won't be able to maintain your secondary index.




On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 8:59 PM, rajeshbabu chintaguntla <rajeshbabu.chintaguntla@huawei.com> wrote:

Hi Siddharth,

Index table also should be updated automatically in your case. 

But there is a case if any updates failed to index table then we are disabling the index and later automatically rebuild after 5 mins.


Can you please check any logs like below at regionserver side?


"Successfully disabled index yourIndexTableName due to an exception while writing updates."





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Hi All,


I am using local indexes for a table in phoenix.

After creating the index on a table containing 1 million records if I update the table for another 30 thousand records I am unable to see the index being updated even though I use the ‘UPDATE STATISTICS’ command . However when I rebuild the index the latest updates are reflected in the index.

So, am I always supposed to rebuild the index whenever there is a update in my phoenix table ? ideally it should be updated automatically…

Can somebody let me know how I could get the above working or every update in hbase table should be followed by ‘rebuild index’ in case I  plan to use indexes.


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