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From Siddharth Ubale <>
Subject FW: Exception in sub plan[0] exception - multi inner join
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2014 14:35:18 GMT
Hi ,

I am adding the log file(the  exception log captured at 19:45) for the case where I have received
the exception. Also I am sending my hbase-site.xml .
Do let me know if any inputs from your side.


From: Siddharth Ubale
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2014 7:43 PM
To: ''
Subject: Exception in sub plan[0] exception - multi inner join

Hi ,

We have been trying to run a multi table inner join query .However very often we get a error
message :”.Encountered exception in sub plan [0] execution.”.
Since we had posted this message earlier to this forum, we had received a response saying
that there are three parameters which have to be added , which are :

1.       <property>









3.       <property>




Along with this we have also gone through the Phoenix tuning parameters on phoenix tuning
page as well as Hbase configuration settings and added the recommended ones.

But still we are getting the above mentioned error. Also, we are seeing a lag of 120 – 200
secs on the query which is :

select /*+ NO_STAR_JOIN */  * from "Address_1" as a
    inner join "Customers_1" as c on c."C_Id" = a."A_C_Id"
    inner join "Orders_1" as o on o."O_C_Id" = a."A_C_Id"
    inner join "Order_Details_1" as od on od."O_Id" = o."O_Id"
    inner join "Payterms" as p on p."Payt_Id" = o."O_Pay_Terms"
                inner join "Shipterms" as s on s."Shipt_Id" = o."O_Ship_Terms"
                where c."C_Id" = '69088';

all the above tables have more than 2million + records.

Also, if somebody could let us know whether hbase-site.xml in phoenix installation folder
also needs to be updated with the following changes?? Or it should contain only the one property
mentioned there??

Siddharth Ubale,
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