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I am attempting to perform a join on multiple tables in Phoenix. The query I am firing is :

select * from "Orders_3" as o

                Inner join "Order_Details_3" as od on od."O_No"=o."O_No"

                Inner Join "Address_3" as a on a."A_C_Id" = o."O_C_Id";

                Inner join "Customers_3" as c on c."C_Id" = o."O_C_Id"

                Inner join "Payterms_1" as p on p."Payt_Id" = o."O_Pay_Items"

where o."O_C_Id"='50001';


However there is no appropriate response from phoenix on this one. I got an error stating “Error in sub plan(3)”.

The tables contain around 1million rows each. Moreover the size of the tables do not exceed 250 Mb. Why am I not able to get a result for this query or is this a “Work in progress” area of Phoenix 4.2.

Kindly throw some light on this.



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