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From Puneet Kumar Ojha <>
Subject Re: Regionserver Crashing whenever join query run_tables with 10lac rows
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:32:12 GMT
Hi Siddharth,

Please go for following optimizations: -

Increase the xceivers property to 16k in hbase site xml.

Increase the region server handler count to 60.

Decrease salt buckets for the tables.At least for the smaller table.

It shud help.


------ Original message------

From: Siddharth Ubale

Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2014 19:29


Subject:Regionserver Crashing whenever join query run_tables with 10lac rows

Hi ,

We are using 4 node hbase cluster with phoenix with the following config:
Phoenix 4.2
Hbase 0.98.7
Hadoop 2.5

We have two tables each containing 10 lac records. Whenever we run a query from any of the
4 clients ,which performs a join on these tables the region server crashes and we are unable
to get any result. Our nodes are essentially 150Gb machines with 8 cores and 8 gb Ram except
one which has 16 cores and 16gb ram. We are still analyzing Phoenix for our project. And we
seem to have hit a roadblock.
Can anyone please let us know what is the problem here ?

Also, whenever we run join queries on tables having 1 lac records we can get results in 2-3

Siddharth Ubale,

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