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From Vikas Agarwal <>
Subject Phoenix response time
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 12:12:52 GMT

Preface: We are testing phoenix using Hortonworks distribution for HBase on
Amazon EC2 instance (r3.large <>, 2

With contrast to performance benchmarks
<>, I found Phoenix to be very
slow in querying even on primary key or row key. So, tried to increase the
RAM for HBase and Phoenix and increasing the CPU and RAM by upgrading the
EC2 machine type to r3.xlarge (4 CPU, 30 GB RAM). Results were like this:

Time takes in returning result of query on row key:
With Storm running and very less RAM available: *50 sec*

With Storm stopped and RAM available to Phoenix and HBase: *18 sec*

With new machine of next higher category (4 CPU and 30 GB RAM): *8 sec*

Pure HBase query by row key with Storm stopped and (2 CPU, 15 GB RAM): *0.0150
seconds*. :)

So, the difference seems to be many fold of what native HBase is providing
to us. I am not able to understand how it can be possible? What I am
missing here?

Vikas Agarwal
91 – 9928301411

InfoObjects, Inc.
Execution Matters
2041 Mission College Boulevard, #280
Santa Clara, CA 95054
+1 (408) 988-2000 Work
+1 (408) 716-2726 Fax

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