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From Krishna <>
Subject Phoenix on Amazon EMR
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2014 23:53:49 GMT

Does anyone have experience using Amazon EMR with Phoenix? I'm currently
evaluating Phoenix for a HBase store on Amazon EMR. EMR provides Phoenix
2.1.2 as the default installation but I prefer to use 3x.

Could someone clarify the following with regards to 2.1.2?

   1. Does this version support bulk-loading capabilities? We expect to
   load more than trillion rows, so, bulk-loader is a necessity.
   2. Can Phoenix 2.1.2 run on either Hadoop1 or Hadoop2?
   3. Did anyone try installing Phoenix 3x using EMR's bootstrap action
   4. In the following arguments to the bulk loader, is port # required or
   optional? If I'm using Hadoop2, should Resource Manager node be substituted
   for Job Tracker?
      1.  -hd <arg>      HDFS NameNode IP:<port>
      2.  -mr <arg>      MapReduce Job Tracker IP:<port>
      3.  -zk <arg>      Zookeeper IP:<port>

Thanks for your inputs.


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