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From Mohamed Ibrahim <>
Subject Issue with maintaining the index with not null in table definition
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2014 00:16:53 GMT
Hi All,

I faced an issue where wrong values started appearing in my queries, values
that I did not insert into the table. Those values appeared after upserting
(updating) an existing row.

By debugging, I found that if I create a table with a bigint not null
column, then create an index on that column updating an existing row
results in what it seems corrupted values.

I'm using phoenix 3.0, and saved the sqline output in a gist here ( ).

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a table with a bigint not null field
2. Create an index on that field
3. upsert a row
4. update (upsert) a row with an existing primary key

errors show in the table.

I removed the not null from my application so it's not blocking me, but I
believe it is a bug.


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