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From Puneet Kumar Ojha <>
Subject Re: Phoenix on Amazon EMR
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2014 01:11:43 GMT
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From: Krishna

Date: Tue, Sep 9, 2014 5:24 AM


Subject:Phoenix on Amazon EMR


Does anyone have experience using Amazon EMR with Phoenix? I'm currently evaluating Phoenix
for a HBase store on Amazon EMR. EMR provides Phoenix 2.1.2 as the default installation but
I prefer to use 3x.---Use 3.x

Could someone clarify the following with regards to 2.1.2?

  1.  Does this version support bulk-loading capabilities? We expect to load more than trillion
rows, so, bulk-loader is a necessity.  Use-Can Phoenix 2.1.2 run on either Hadoop1 or Hadoop2?
-No. Use 3.x for mapreduce uploaded.
  2.  Did anyone try installing Phoenix 3x using EMR's bootstrap action capabilities?
works.You will need to build client jar as per hadoop 2 version supported by AWS.
  3.  In the following arguments to the bulk loader, is port # required or optional? If I'm
using Hadoop2, should Resource Manager node be substituted for Job Tracker? -Yes.  You will
see the port details when u login to emr cluster.
     *    -hd <arg>      HDFS NameNode IP:<port>
     *    -mr <arg>      MapReduce Job Tracker IP:<port>
     *    -zk <arg>      Zookeeper IP:<port>

Thanks for your inputs.


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