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From Dan Di Spaltro <>
Subject Tracing Q's
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 02:21:49 GMT
I've used the concept of tracing quite a bit in previous projects and I had
a couple questions:

* Can we use something like zipkin-htrace adapter for Phoenix traces? And
if I did would the calls be coming from the RS?
* How do you get the trace id on a query you create?  Generally I've used
something where I can log back to a client a trace/span, and then go look
through the queries to match up why something took so long, etc. I could be
thinking about this wrong...
* Do you have to load the DDL manually, nothing seems to auto-create it, no
system table seems to be created outside of sequences and tables.  I have
the default config files from Phoenix on the classpath.  I also have the
compat and server jars on the CP.  Below are the log lines I see in the
master and regionserver.
  - I have set props.setProperty("phoenix.trace.frequency", "always") for
every query.

2014-08-27 01:55:27,483 INFO  [main] trace.PhoenixMetricsSink: Writing
tracing metrics to phoenix table
2014-08-27 01:55:27,484 INFO  [main] trace.PhoenixMetricsSink:
Instantiating writer class:
2014-08-27 01:55:27,490 INFO  [main] trace.PhoenixTableMetricsWriter:
Phoenix tracing writer started

Thanks for the help,


Dan Di Spaltro

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