I had 100% success rate with CDH5.1 and no issues encountered I am up and running with Phoenix 4.0 and also have test squirrel with the client and the have program to do upserts and select using jdbc.



Deepak Gattala




Mike Friedman <Mike.Fried...@ds-iq.com>


CDH 5.1


Sat, 19 Jul 2014 14:34:59 GMT

So now the eagerly awaited CDH 5.1 is out, the distribution that contains HBase 0.98. I am

wondering if anyone here has upgraded to it, and has Phoenix core+client working on it. I

know Phoenix has been tested with HBase 0.98 per se, but in the full context of CDH 5.1 do

people have Phoenix running? Were there any special additional configuration steps you had

to do?