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From ashish tapdiya <>
Subject Error: ERROR 203 (22005): Type mismatch.
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2014 17:20:49 GMT

I am using Phoenix secondary index and join functionality.

I have two tables customer and orders.
I also have an index on customer non key attribute c_uname

One join ordering works while other gives a type mismatch error especially
with the secondary index:

The one that works:
explain select * from customer as c inner join orders as o on c.c_id =
o.o_c_id where c.c_uname ='RI';

The one that doesn't work:
explain select * from orders as o inner join customer as c on c.c_id =
o.o_c_id where c.c_uname ='RI';

Error msg:Error: ERROR 203 (22005): Type mismatch. expected: VARCHAR but
was: INTEGER at column: C.0:C_UNAME (state=22005,code=203)

Phoenix version: 3.0
HBase version: .94

I do see in the list that some one else had reported this error before and
its fixed in 4.0 release. I do not want to upgrade since i will have to
change entire stack from hadoop upwards. Is there a way to fix it in 3.0


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