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From "thanaphol" <>
Subject Split rowkey in HBASE to composite key in phoenix
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2014 03:13:44 GMT
I import data from sql database (has 2 primary key in this case I assume B
and C) to hbase: 


bin/sqoop-import --connect jdbc:mysql://sqlserver:3306/dbname --username
user --password pass --query 'SELECT A, B, C FROM table WHERE $CONDITIONS'
--hbase-create-table --hbase-table table --hbase-row-key B,C --column-family
info --num-mappers 1

when I scan data in hbase I got

Row           column:cell

dataB_dataC       Column=info:A, timestamp=bla bla, value dataA


I want to query data in my hbase by using phoenix and I use command to
create view like this:

create view "table" (A VARCHAR(16), B VARCHAR(11), C VARCHAR(12) CONSTRAINT
pk PRIMARY KEY (B,C))default_column_family='info';

But when I use "select * from "table"; I got result like this

   A     |         B         | C

dataA | dataB_dataC | null

My question is how can I split row key to column B and C in phoenix table
with _ is separator.

I expected Result like this

   A     |  B      | C

dataA | dataB | dataC


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