Hello All,

I am not sure if this mail went across as usually I have seen replies from phoenix community.
Can someone please share their thoughts on this?


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Hey Folks,

I have a use case where one of the apps(C++ server) will pump data into the Hbase.
Since Phoenix doesn't support ODBC api's so the app will not be able to use the Phoenix JDBC api and will use Hbase thirft api to insert the data. Note: The app that is inserting data will create the row keys similar to the way how Phoenix JDBC creates.

Currently no data resides in Hbase and the table will be freshly created using the SQL commands (using phoenix sqlline). 
All the analysis/group-by queries will be triggered by a different app using the Phoenix JDBC API's. 

In the above mention scenario, Are there any Phoenix functionalities ( for ex: Salting, Secondary indexing) that will not be available because Phoenix JDBC driver is not used for inserting data.

Can someone please share their thoughts on this?

Hadoop Distro: CDH5
HBase: 0.96.1