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From Dhaval Modi <>
Subject Re: Has anyone tried Phoenix-HBase with Pentaho Mondrian?
Date Sat, 31 May 2014 19:10:48 GMT
Hi Alex,

I do not see any updates in "phoenix with tableau" connection.

Is the any ODBC driver yet for phoenix?

On May 31, 2014 9:43 PM, "alex kamil" <> wrote:

> Feng, I believe this is work in progress, see these threads:
> Phoenix with Mondrian
> <!topic/phoenix-hbase-user/-YUde_egPzc>
> Phoenix with Tableau
> <>
> Alex
> On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 5:55 AM, Feng Wang <> wrote:
>> can you do the query with phoenix mondrian? now I found the same problem.
>> mondrian 3.6.1
>> 在 2013年3月10日星期日UTC+8上午12时03分59秒,Karthikeyan Muthukumarasamy写道:
>>> Hi,
>>> Has anyone tried Phoenix with Pentaho Mondrian?
>>> In our product, we use the community edition of Pentaho Mondrian as an
>>> embedded OLAP engine and have our own OLAP framework built over this.
>>> Our core data processing is all in Hadoop/HBase and just before the OLAP
>>> part, we are now importing all the marts from HBase into an RDBMS (now
>>> Oracle), just because Mondrian cannot take data directly from Hadoop/HBase.
>>> I have tried the Hive interface in the past but the latency is
>>> unbearable!
>>> PS: I understand that phoenix today doesnt support Joins and hence would
>>> use the degenerate dimension feature in Mondrian to have a flattened out
>>> fact table with contains dimensions in itself. Actually, in HBase thats how
>>> we would maintain it anyway!
>>> Phoenix itself looks fine as a JDBC layer but when I integrate phoenix
>>> driver with Mondrian, Phoenix is not able to understand the SQL that
>>> Mondrian generates.
>>> When I looked into the SQL query its mainly use of apostrophe (') before
>>> and after attributes and a mention of table name as itself (like in "select
>>> 'sales'.'month' as 'c0' from 'sales' as 'sales' group by
>>> 'sales'.'month' order by CASE WHEN 'sales'.'month' IS NULL THEN 1 ELSE 0
>>> END, 'sales'.'month' ASC") which is not acceptable to Mondrian. When I take
>>> the query, modify it by removing apostrophe and the use of "as sales" and
>>> execute it in Squirrel SQL client, it works fine in Phoenix.
>>> Now my question is:
>>> I understand that I can built a dialect layer for Phoenix in Mondrian
>>> (if its not available!!!) and make these small modifications to the SQL
>>> query generated by Mondrian. If I do that, does this mean by using
>>> degenerate dimensions, we can make Mondrian work with Phoenix? or am I
>>> missing something here?
>>> Thanks & Regards
>>> MK
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