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From "Vasudevan, Ramkrishna S" <>
Subject RE: Problem with Phoenix Float Array Type?
Date Wed, 28 May 2014 18:05:37 GMT
I tried this
create table TABLE_WITH_ARRAY (organization_id char(15) not null,entity_id char(15) not null,a_double_array
double array[] CONSTRAINT pk PRIMARY KEY (organization_id, entity_id));

upsert into table_with_array values('" + tenantId"','00A123122312312',ARRAY[2.0d,345.8d])"

The below select queries worked fine too.
query = "SELECT ARRAY_ELEM(a_double_array,2) FROM table_with_array";
query  = "select array_length(a_double_array) from table_with_array";

Are you facing the problem with only Floats ?


From: faisal moeen []
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 10:04 PM
Subject: Problem with Phoenix Float Array Type?


I am using Phoenix 3.0 with Hbase 0.94.18.
I am unable to use float arrays. I am facing no problem with varchar arrays doing same.

I create a table like this:

create table if not exists location(name varchar not null, point float array[2], box float
array[4], constraint pk primary key (name));

I add a row to it:

upsert into LOCATION values('qaisar', array[75.0,75.0], array[72.1,74.1,74.1,72.1]);

Now I check array lengths:

select array_length(point),array_length(box) from LOCATION;

I get the following answer:


whereas I expect


The values point[1] or point[2] are also not correct.
Am I doing something wrong?
An I upserting the data correctly?
Also if I user literal 75 instead of 75.0, it throws an exception.



Faisal Moeen
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