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From Dan Di Spaltro <>
Subject Joining with a bigint
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 06:05:59 GMT
I am using a pretty recent version of 4.0 and running into a weird problem
that is probably a bug.  If I create a simple table

create foo (
 id bigint not null primary key,
 attr varchar)

create foo_bar (
 id bigint not null primary key,
 foo_id bigint,
 bar_id bigint

create bar (
 id bigint not null primary key,
 attr2 varchar

And try to run select * from foo inner join foo_bar on foo_bar.foo_id =

I get a type mismatch "type mismatch. expected: LONG but was: VARCHAR at
column:" is this some compiler issue?  Have you successfully joined on a



Dan Di Spaltro

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