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From David Wang <>
Subject Cannot run query containing inner join on Phoenix 3.0.0 when data size increased from 10 MB to 1 GB
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2014 22:50:00 GMT

I had a question about running queries containing inner joins on phoenix,
but wasn't sure where to post.
I downloaded the phoenix-master (3.0.0), and inserted 10 MB of data through  I found I was able to run a query,
which contains an inner join in sqlline.

The query I tried:

select n_name, sum(l_extendedprice * (1 - l_discount)) as revenue from
customer inner join orders on c_custkey = o_custkey inner join lineitem on
l_orderkey = o_orderkey inner join supplier on l_suppkey = s_suppkey and
c_nationkey = s_nationkey inner join nation on s_nationkey = n_nationkey
inner join region on n_regionkey = r_regionkey where r_name = 'AMERICA' and
o_orderdate >= '1993-01-01' and o_orderdate < '1994-01-01' group by n_name
order by revenue desc;

But when I increased the data size from 10 MB to 1 GB, and try to run the
same query, I get the following error:
Error: Encountered exception in hash plan execution. (state=,code=0)

I have included the path to snappy-java- in like the
java -cp
 -Dlog4j.configuration=file:$current_dir/ sqlline.SqlLine
-d com.salesforce.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixDriver -u jdbc:phoenix:$1 -n none -p
none --color=true --fastConnect=false --verbose=true

Do you have any idea where the problem might be?

Thank you so much,


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