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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/api/APR OS.pod
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 06:03:00 GMT
stas        2004/08/18 23:03:00

  Added:       src/docs/2.0/api/APR OS.pod
  the lost manpage
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/api/APR/OS.pod
  Index: OS.pod
  =head1 NAME
  APR::OS - Perl API for Platform-specific APR API
  =head1 Synopsis
    use APR::OS ();
    # get thread id
    my $tid_obj = APR::OS::thread_current();
    my $tid = $$tid_obj;
  =head1 Description
  C<APR::OS> provides the Perl interface to platform-specific APR API.
  You should be extremely careful when relying on any of the API
  provided by this module, since they are no portable. So if you use
  those you application will be non-portable as well.
  =head1 API
  C<APR::OS> provides the following methods:
  =head2 C<thread_current>
  Get the thread ID
    $tid_obj = APR::OS::thread_current();
  =over 4
  =item ret: C<$tid_obj> ( C<APR::OS::Thread> object )
  To get the thread id dereference it: C<$$tid_obj>.
  That value is a thread ID under threaded MPMs, otherwise 0.
  =item since: 1.99_12
      use Apache::MPM ();
      use APR::OS ();
      if (Apache::MPM->is_threaded) {
          my $tid_obj = APR::OS::thread_current();
          print "TID: $$tid_obj";
      else {
          print "PID: $$";
  =head1 See Also
  L<mod_perl 2.0 documentation|docs::2.0::index>.
  =head1 Copyright
  mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under
  The Apache Software License, Version 2.0.
  =head1 Authors
  L<The mod_perl development team and numerous

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