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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/advocacy .cvsignore config.cfg issues.pod
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 05:58:59 GMT
gozer       2004/08/08 22:58:59

  Modified:    src      config.cfg
  Added:       src/advocacy .cvsignore config.cfg issues.pod
  Initial advocacy document generated from the OSCon PR BOF as well as
  last week's traffic on
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.40      +1 -0      modperl-docs/src/config.cfg
  Index: config.cfg
  RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-docs/src/config.cfg,v
  retrieving revision 1.39
  retrieving revision 1.40
  diff -u -r1.39 -r1.40
  --- config.cfg	20 Aug 2003 21:56:34 -0000	1.39
  +++ config.cfg	9 Aug 2004 05:58:59 -0000	1.40
  @@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
  +        advocacy
  1.1                  modperl-docs/src/advocacy/.cvsignore
  Index: .cvsignore
  1.1                  modperl-docs/src/advocacy/config.cfg
  Index: config.cfg
  use vars qw(@c);
  @c = (
      id => 'advocacy',
      title => "Got mod_perl?",
      abstract => <<EOB,
  Advocacy documents and resources for mod_perl
      chapters => [qw(
  1.1                  modperl-docs/src/advocacy/issues.pod
  Index: issues.pod
  =head1 NAME
  Known advocacy issues
  =head1 Description
  This document keeps track of issues brought up on the
  L<mod_perl Advocacy|maillist::advocacy> mailing-list. It serves
  as a repository of things people volunteered to do, good
  ideas missing a volunteer, and overall strategies towards
  world domination.
  If you want to become a part of the effort, make sure to
  join the list!
  =head1 Marketing
  =head2 New Users
  =head3 Newbies
  How can we make it even easier and smoother for newbies to
  introduce themselves with mod_perl ?
  =head4 Quick Start Guide
  It was suggested that we have a better quick start guide 
  for new users with stub handlers, stub apache configs, 
  etc.  Maybe have a "run in place" installation for 
  people to try mod_perl. 
  =head3 Sysadmins
  =head3 ISPs and Hosting providers
  Ideas and tasks to increase the overall availability of mod_perl
  at ISPs and hosting providers
  =head4 mod_perl web host provider HOWTO
  It is difficult to find mod_perl friendly hosting providers.
  Except full hosted server or User Mode Linux which still means
  they have to maintain an entire server. Should we maybe have a 
  "How to be a mod_perl web host provider?" HOWTO?
  =head2 Articles
  Ideas for possible articles and existing articles awaiting
  =item * Protocol Handlers
  Demonstrate the ability to write protocol handlers in mp2 by creating
  a server that speaks something other than HTTP.  The only trouble is,
  I'm having a hard time coming up with a scenario where I would really
  advise using a different protocol...
  =item * A better DBD::Proxy
  Build a better DBD::Proxy by making it use XML-RPC or SOAP (or teach
  mp2 to speak PlRPC with a protocol handler!) and talk to an
  Apache::DBI-enabled server.  This should be much faster than the current
  system which doesn't use persistent connections, and would allow all the
  standard apache logging and access control stuff to be used.
  =item * Post-processing PHP
  Use an mp2 filter to do something that would have been impossible
  before, like efficiently post-processing a PHP script (which also
  demonstrates that PHP has no access to the apache API).
  =item * Filter to apply XSL transform
  Use an mp2 filter to apply an XSL transform to some XML content.
  =item * Filter to automate Cache-Control
  Use an mp2 filter to automate some of the cache control suggestions
  from Michael Radwin's OSCON talk:
  =item * Cookie-less sessions
  Use an mp2 filter to implement cookie-less sessions by rewriting URLs
  and adding hidden fields to forms.
  =item * Version-controlled websites 
  Write a handler that fetches content from CVS or Subversion, with the
  branch to use being set by a cookie or URL param or virtualhost name. 
  This would be for content people working on version-controlled websites
  to use.
  =head3 Perrin Harkins
  Has an article about a client's conversion to mod_perl, thinking
  about submitting to Linux Journal and/or Dr. Dobbs.
  =head3 Randal Schwartz
  Volunteered to interview TicketMaster employees for
  his column.
  Has written articles mentioning mod_perl:
  =head3 Frank Wiles
  Sent an article proposal on mod_perl 2.x to SysAdmin
  =head2 Publications
  =item * News on
  Maintain a constantly changing and up to date "What's new" section
  on the front page of the site. Design in a way
  that is as automatic as possible, and allow a wide group of mod_perl
  people to contribute snippets of news. Important to make sure that expired
  news vanish and do not go stale.
  B<Owner>: perrin
  =item * mod_perl Digest
  The last mod_perl digest was published on 2003/10/20 by James Smith.
  Consider reviving it and/or tying it to the news portion of the site
  =head3 Linux Journal
  =head3 Linux Magazine
  Randal has a monthly column there.
  =head3 Perl Journal
  Randal has a monthly column there.
  =head3 Dr. Dobbs
  =head3 SysAdmin
  Frank Wiles knows some of the folks there.
  Randall has a bi-monthly column there.
  =head3 Possible Opportunities
  A few non technical publications were suggested as good possible
  targets for mod_perl advocacy. In no particular order :
  =item * Economist
  =item * CIO
  =item * New York Times
  =head2 Publicity
  =head3 Supported Applications
  There are tons of modules and applications built on top
  of mod_perl. It is important to track down the biggest,
  most used application's compatibility and support under
  mod_perl 2.0 series.
  =item * Apache::DBI
  Supported, possibly replaced by DBI::Pool
  =item * Apache::Template
  =item * Bricolage
  =item * Mason
  =head3 Numbers
  Need more numbers to show people in the press releases 
  such as number of sites, book sales, etc. 
  Why not coordinate and make efforts to have frequent mod_perl
  stories cross-posted on slashdot ?
  How come mod_perl doesn't have it's own slashdot category icon
  yet ?
  Is there even a mod_perl project categorized on freshmeat ?
  Is it kept in sync with releases ?
  =head3 Google ad words
  One suggestion was to advertise through google ad words.
  =head3 X-Powered-By
  B<X-Powered-By : mod_perl/2.0>
  In many cases, servers are hidden behind proxies and don't
  reveal full server-tokens thru the Server: header. PHP has
  been using the X-Powered-By header for a long time. Isn't it
  about time for mod_perl to self-publicize in the same way ?
  B<Owner>: gozer
  =head1 Useful Contacts and Resources
  =head2 The Apache Software Foundation
  What kind of help can we get out of them ?
  We need somebody to be the point person for
  interactions with them.
  =head2 The Perl Foundation
  What kind of help can we get out of them ?
  We need somebody to be the point person for
  interactions with them.
  Jeff Bisbee talked to Gavin Estey (Perl Foundation
  PR Chair) and the latter agreed to help.
  =head1 Fundraising
  =head1 Success Stories
  This is a list of success stories that should be worth
  chasing after. We need to get the successful users of
  mod_perl to speak up.
  =head2 Weta FX
  Getting a success story from Weta (Lord of the Rings)
  B<Contact>: Milton Ngan, E<lt>milton (at)<gt>
  B<Owner>: gozer
  =head2 Overture
  They have migrate from Java to mod_perl. Great potential success
  story along with what they gained from switching to mod_perl. A
  considerable amount of time and effort must have been spent evaluating
  possible alternatives.
  =head1 Maintainers
  The maintainer is the person you should contact with updates,
  corrections and patches.
  =item *
  Philippe M. Chiasson E<lt>gozer (at) apache.orgE<gt>
  =head1 Authors
  =item *
  Philippe M. Chiasson E<lt>gozer (at) apache.orgE<gt>

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