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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/devel/core explained.pod
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 00:53:49 GMT
stas        2004/05/03 17:53:49

  Modified:    src/docs/2.0/devel/core explained.pod
  - C::Scan is now a part of the build
  - how to pass aTHX_ to DEFINE_ map entries
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.5       +23 -7     modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/devel/core/explained.pod
  Index: explained.pod
  RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/devel/core/explained.pod,v
  retrieving revision 1.4
  retrieving revision 1.5
  diff -u -u -r1.4 -r1.5
  --- explained.pod	26 Feb 2004 20:30:24 -0000	1.4
  +++ explained.pod	4 May 2004 00:53:48 -0000	1.5
  @@ -108,11 +108,6 @@
   directory by the xs_generate() function. This XS code is combined of
   the Apache API Perl glue and mod_perl specific extensions.
  -NOTE: source_scan requires C::Scan 0.75, which at the moment is
  -unreleased, there is a working copy here:
   If you need to skip certain unwanted C defines from being picked by
   the source scanning you can add them to the array
   C<$Apache::ParseSource::defines_unwanted> in
  @@ -125,7 +120,7 @@
   I<xs/tables/current/> directory should be committed to the cvs
  -The I<source_scan> make target is actually to run
  +The I<source_scan> make target simply executes
   I<build/>, which can be run directly without needing to
   create I<Makefile> first.
  @@ -698,7 +693,7 @@
     aTHX_ I32 items, SP **sp, SV **MARK
  -as their arguments. Thefore it doesn't matter what is placed in this
  +as their arguments. Therefore it doesn't matter what is placed in this
   column when the C<MPXS_> function is declared. Usually for
   documentation the Perl side arguments are listed. For example you can
  @@ -829,6 +824,27 @@
     my $power = Apache::CoreDemo::power($a, $b);
     ok t_cmp($a ** $b, $power, "power macro");
  +=head2 Passing aTHX for DEFINE map entries
  +Let's say you have a function or a C macro which you want to provide a
  +Perl interface for, and you don't need to write a wrapper since C
  +arguments are the same as Perl arguments. For example:
  +  char *foo(aTHX_ int bar);
  +The map entry will look like:
  +  MODULE=Apache::CoreDemo
  +  char *:DEFINE_foo | | int:bar
  +But there is no way to pass C<aTHX_> since this is a macro and it's an
  +empty string with non-threaded Perls. Another macro comes to help:
  +  file:xs/Apache/CoreDemo/Apache__CoreDemo.h
  +  ----------------------------------------------
  +  #define mpxs_Apache__CoreDemo_foo(x, y) foo(aTHX_ x, y)
   =head1 Wrappers for modperl_, apr_ and ap_ APIs

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