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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/user/install install.pod
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 17:33:38 GMT
stas        2002/06/05 10:33:38

  Modified:    src/docs/2.0/user/install install.pod
  - clarify the use of MP_USE_DSO together with MP_USE_STATIC
  - prepare a stub for future static build docs (from doug's email)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.15      +31 -2     modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/user/install/install.pod
  Index: install.pod
  RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-docs/src/docs/2.0/user/install/install.pod,v
  retrieving revision 1.14
  retrieving revision 1.15
  diff -u -r1.14 -r1.15
  --- install.pod	2 Jun 2002 13:44:16 -0000	1.14
  +++ install.pod	5 Jun 2002 17:33:37 -0000	1.15
  @@ -94,11 +94,40 @@
   =item MP_USE_DSO
  -Build mod_perl as a DSO. This is the default.
  +Build mod_perl as a DSO (I<>). This is the default. It'll
  +be turned off if C<MP_USE_STATIC=1> is used.
   =item MP_USE_STATIC
  -Build mod_perl static.
  +Build static mod_perl (I<mod_perl.a>). This is the default. It'll be
  +turned off if C<MP_USE_DSO=1> is used.
  +C<MP_USE_DSO> and C<MP_USE_STATIC> are both enabled by default. So
  +mod_perl is built once as I<mod_perl.a> and I<>, but
  +afterwards you can choose which of the two to use.
  +META: The following is not implemented yet.
  +  mod_perl and ends up with a src/modules/perl/mod_perl.{so,a} and
  +  src/modules/perl/ldopts.  to link modperl static with httpd, we just
  +  need some config.m4 magic to add `ldopts` and mod_perl.a to the build.
  +  so one could then build httpd like so:
  +  ln -s ~/apache/modperl-2.0/src/modules/perl $PWD/src/modules
  +  ./configure --with-mpm=prefork --enable-perl=static ...
  +  we not be configuring/building httpd for the user as 1.x attempted.
  +  downside is one will need to have configured httpd first, so that
  +  headers generated.  so it will probably be more like:
  +  ./configure --with-mpm=prefork ...
  +  (go build modperl)
  +  ./config.nice --enable-perl=static && make
  +  we could of course provide a wrapper script todo this, but don't want
  +  to have this stuff buried and tangled like it is in 1.x

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