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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs/src/products products.html
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 03:24:28 GMT
stas        02/04/26 20:24:28

  Modified:    src/products products.html
  a bunch of many new modperl products
  Submitted by:	Per Einar Ellefsen <>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +210 -29   modperl-docs/src/products/products.html
  Index: products.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/modperl-docs/src/products/products.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -u -r1.5 -r1.6
  --- products.html	19 Apr 2002 04:10:35 -0000	1.5
  +++ products.html	27 Apr 2002 03:24:28 -0000	1.6
  @@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
   <title>mod_perl Related Software</title>
   <meta name="Description" content="A short list of some software, open
  -source and commerical, based on mod_perl or compatible with mod_perl,
  +source and commercial, based on mod_perl or compatible with mod_perl,
   which might be interesting for anyone using mod_perl">
  @@ -11,52 +11,155 @@
  -<h2>Products based on the mod_perl architecture</h2>
  +<h2>Applications running under mod_perl</h2>
  -<h3>Freeware, source code distribution:</h3>
  +<p> These application give you an idea of the range of products
  +available for use with mod_perl, which are granted extra speed and/or
  +functionality by taking advantage of the Apache API.  </p>
  +<h4>Content Management Systems</h4>
  -<li> Ben Sugars' 
  -<a href="">nsapi_perl</a>
  -(Perl plugin for Netscape - not actively developed anymore)</li>
  +<li> <a href="">Bricolage</a> is a
  +full-featured, open-source, enterprise-class content management
  +system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use, a
  +full-fledged templating system with complete programming language
  +support for flexibility, and many other features. It operates in an
  +Apache/mod_perl environment, and uses the PostgreSQL RDBMS for its
  +repository. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Slashcode</a> is the codebase
  +behind the highly popular <a
  +href="">Slashdot</a> site. It provides content
  +management and discussion possiblities for its users, and can support
  +a high load of users, with self-moderation because of the high number
  +of comments. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Everything</a> is an
  +information management system, using a combination MySQL and Perl to
  +create a flexible system of entering, linking, and retrieving
  +information. Its codebase is for example used to run <a
  +href="">Perl Monks</a>, a Perl community
  +site. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Scoop</a> is a
  +"collaborative media application". It falls somewhere between a
  +content management system, a web bulletin board system, and a
  +weblog. Scoop is designed to enable your website to become a
  +community. It empowers your visitors to be the producers of the site,
  +contributing news and discussion, and making sure that the signal
  +remains high. Was written originally for <a
  +href=""></a>, which is still the
  +biggest Scoop site. </li>
  +<li> The <a href="">WYPUG website</a> is powered
  +by a CMS called Shapeshifter that is written entirely in Perl and
  +designed to run under mod_perl (in Registry mode).  It's a
  +template-based, database-driven CMS with some unique features.  It's
  +not finished yet, hence the lack of documentation or an advocacy
  +website - but it's not far away. The system will be a commercial
  +product once finished, but it'll be released under an Open Source
  +license. Inquiries should go to <a
  +href="">Digital Word</a>. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Movable Type</a> is a
  +web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to ease
  +maintenance of regularly-updated news or journal sites, like
  +weblogs. The Movable Type system runs on your own webserver, giving
  +you complete control over your site. </li>
  -<h3>Commercial, binary distribution:</h3>
  +<h4>Forum Software</h4>
  +<p> See above too, many of the CMSes above feature very good
  +discussion capabilities. </p>
  -<li> ActiveState's 
  -<a href="">PerlEx</a
  -> (Perl plugins for O'Reilly WebSite, Netscape and IIS)</li>
  +<li> <a href="">mwForum</a> is an
  +open-source, Web-based discussion forum system. mwForum is based on
  +Perl CGI scripts, uses a MySQL database and is compatible with
  +mod_perl for optimal performance. mwForum's design goals are
  +comfortable operation and administration, stability, security and
  +speed, a professional and consistent look, and lean and clean code to
  +make customization easy. </li>
  +<li> <a
  +is the number-one selling message board software in the marketplace
  +with over one million sites using it as their primary means for
  +communication. The software has long served as a highly reputable
  +online education tool that can run both as a stand-alone product and
  +as an integrated element within other learning management
  +systems. Many installations of WebBoard are also used for customer
  +service and corporate intranet communication. </li>
  -<h2>Software for use with mod_perl</h2> 
  +<p> Of course, not every application running under mod_perl is a
  +Content Management System or a Forum! </p>
  -<li> Ian Kluft's <a 
  +<li> <a href="">DAD</a> is a comprehensive
  +website ad management system. It is a mod_perl application with
  +advanced targeting capabilities, a comprehensive administrative
  +interface, and automatic client reporting. Because it uses mod_perl,
  +DAD can take advantage of Apache API elements like subrequests and
  +notes, and it can rely on persistent database connections through
  +DBI. These features allow DAD to efficiently implement advanced
  +targeting rules that would be impossible under CGI. </li>
  +<li> <a
  +is a calendar of events program for the web and PDAs written entirely
  +in Perl. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Ringlink</a> is a Perl program
  +that provides the tools you need to run one or more rings of web
  +sites, i.e. systems of links between web sites of a similar topic,
  +content, or interest. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Request Tracker</a> (RT)
  +is an industrial-grade ticketing system. It lets a group of people
  +intelligently and efficiently manage requests submitted by a community
  +of users. RT is used by systems administrators, customer support
  +staffs, NOCs, developers and even marketing departments at over a
  +thousand sites around the world. It can run under mod_perl for
  +performance benefits, and is the software behind <a
  +href=""></a>. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">acmemail</a> is a
  +multiuser IMAP/POP3 to Web gateway (or webmail program). It reads mail
  +from a mail server and displays it using HTML on a web server. It is
  +written in Perl, has full support for MIME (and mod_perl) and is quite
  +pretty. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Namp!</a> is Not Another
  +Music Player. In combination with the Apache web server and mod_perl,
  +Namp! lets you create a virtual jukebox of your MP3, WAV and Ogg
  +Vorbis music files, browse them over the web, create playlists, and
  +stream them. </li>
  -<li> Gerald Richter's 
  -<a href="">HTML::Embperl</a></li>
  -<li> Ralf S. Engelschall's 
  -<a href="">Apache::ePerl</a> </li>
  +<p> The <a href="">Mason project</a> also has
  +<a href="">list of
  +applications</a> running under mod_perl and <code>HTML::Mason</code>.
  +<h2>Toolkits for use with mod_perl</h2> 
  -... and many more. See the <a href="apache-modlist.html">Apache/Perl 
  -module list</a>, and <a href="app-server.html">Application Servers and
  -Toolkits based on mod_perl</a>.
  +<p> See the <a href="apache-modlist.html">Apache/Perl module list</a>
  +and <a href="app-server.html">Application Servers and Toolkits based
  +on mod_perl</a> for a list of modules and toolkits running allowing
  +you to tackle web development more easily under mod_perl. </p>
  @@ -73,20 +176,98 @@
  -... and many more. Most of the <a
  +<p> ... and many more. Most of the <a
   href="">modules for Apache</a> should be
  -able to use more or less integrated with mod_perl.
  +able to be used more or less integrated with mod_perl. </p>
  -<li> RedHat's <a href="">Stronghold
  -</a> </li>
  +<li> RedHat's <a
  +href="">Stronghold</a>, which
  +embeds a number of Apache modules, including SSL support and Matt
  +Sergeant's <a href="">AxKit</a>, which is an XML
  +Application Server running under mod_perl. </li>
  +<h2>Products allowing fast web programming and integration with web servers</h2>
  +<h3>Freeware, source code distribution:</h3>
  +<p> Other software solutions exist to run Perl faster than with CGI
  +for web application development. You may want to try these if mod_perl
  +isn't what you need. </p>
  +<li> <a href="">SpeedyCGI</a> is a way
  +to run CGI perl scripts persistently, which usually makes them run
  +much more quickly. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">FastCGI</a> is a language
  +independent, scalable, open extension to CGI that provides high
  +performance without the limitations of server specific APIs. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">PPerl</a>
  +turns ordinary perl scripts into long running daemons, making
  +subsequent executions extremely fast. It forks several processes for
  +each script, allowing many proceses to call the script at once. </li>
  +<li> Ben Sugars' <a
  +(Perl plugin for Netscape - not actively developed anymore)</li>
  +<h4>Other Languages</h4>
  +<p> Many other languages feature Apache modules to facilitate web
  +development, many being inspired by mod_perl. </p>
  +<li> The <a href="">Tcl-Apache integration
  +project</a>, providing similar functionality to mod_perl but with the
  +Tcl programming language.  </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Mod_python</a> is an Apache
  +module that embeds the <a href="">Python</a>
  +interpreter within the server.  </li>
  +<li> <a href="">mod_ruby</a> embeds the <a
  +href="">Ruby</a> interpreter into the
  +Apache web server, allowing Ruby CGI scripts to be executed natively.
  +<li> <a href="">PHP</a> is a widely-used
  +general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web
  +development and can be embedded into HTML. </li>
  +<li> <a href="">Tomcat</a>
  +is the servlet container that is used in the official Reference
  +Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages
  +technologies. </li>
  +<h3>Commercial, binary distribution:</h3>
  +<li> ActiveState's <a
  +(Perl plugins for O'Reilly WebSite, Netscape and IIS)</li>
   If you know of other mod_perl related software products, please send a

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