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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject Re: modperl site status/road map
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:11:09 GMT
At 19:03 25.03.2002, Stas Bekman wrote:
>Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
>>At 18:32 25.03.2002, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>There are four things left to be completed before we can release the new 
>>>#  Item                  Owner    Completion Estimated time
>>>1. complete the design   Allan    90%        about one week
>>>2. fine-tune the search  Bill     90%        about one week
>>>3. work on the content   ???      70%        need help here
>>>4. logo graphics         Jonathan ???        ???
>>Since it seems like the place I'm most likely to be able to help, I'll 
>>try looking at the content.
>>So, what I need to do is:
>>- add descriptions all over
>>- check it all for HTML/CSS compliancy
>>- maybe work on some extra content for the front page (the introduction 
>>allan mentioned)
>>Ok, I'll try to get it at as soon as possible.. (not before wednesday)
>Fantastic! If you need any help just shout my way :)

Couple of questions:
- HTML and CSS validity tools (that work with Windows / Cygwin) ?
- which sections should I look most carefully at? (for the doc that is)

Per Einar Ellefsen

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