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Subject cvs commit: modperl-docs RFC
Date Sat, 22 Sep 2001 10:08:26 GMT
stas        01/09/22 03:08:26

  Added:       .        RFC
  this is the original RFC sent to the mod_perl list
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  modperl-docs/RFC
  Index: RFC
  This is an original RFC sent to the mod_perl list. The follow-up
  thread can be found here:
  This is a proposal for the mod_perl 2.0 documentation project.
  The project to consist of 3 parts:
  mod_perl documentation project:
  A. mod_perl user guide
  B. mod_perl core developer guide
  C. mod_perl related guides
  A is obvious.
  B is a new thing. If people can "easily" find they way around mod_perl
  guts, more patches, rather just bug reports, will be sent,
  C is an old and a new thing at the same time. The current guide
  includes a lot of material which is not directly related to
  mod_perl. I had a hard time deciding what should be included and what
  not. C is here to make things easier for everbody. It should make the
  user guide (A) much slimmer and therefore easier to absorb, without
  losing all the important and interesting information (which will be
  moved to C and extended there). Here are some other reasons:
  - mod_perl community includes many great minds whose daily occupation
    extends far beyond strictly mod_perl programming. So we *can* put
    these minds to contribute in many other areas, if they are already
    feeling comfortable contributing to the mod_perl project. This
    allows us, mod_perl tribe, to learn a lot more without living the
    mod_perl scope.
  - some topics, are not directly related to mod_perl, but used by all
    of us daily, and hence they eventually become accepted for
    discussion and on-topic. Templating systems and work with databases
    are two good examples of such a system. Just like with mod_perl,
    having these threads summarized, can greatly reduce future traffic
    on the list and have everybody benefit from it.
  - many mod_perl mailing list users realize that they can get almost
    *any* question answered on the list, because of the high expertise
    of the people on the list. We try hard to prevent from mod_perl list
    becoming a high volume off topic list, but nevertheless these
    threads happen. At least we want to benefit from them and have the
    conclusions summarized for others to reuse. Note that I'm in no way
    try to encourage people to start off-topic threads.
  - mod_perl community is seeking a world domination. we can easily
    bring more attention to the mod_perl project by creating documents
    which can be re-used by the rest of the world, in non-mod_perl
    related projects. Since we, mod_perl community, host these
    documents, people get exposed to mod_perl without any special
    marketing effort and eventually discover its marvels and move to use
  That's all said, this idea can become true only if people will take
  over sub-projects, since obviously it cannot be done as a one man job.
  What we would like to see happen is the following:
  + we start laying out the infrastructure for the project: directory
    layout, source pod files conventions, tools for converting the pods
    into html, ps, pdf, xml, ...
  + we discuss an initial table of contents for each project (see
  + each project will have its pumpkin which will make sure that all
    chapters of the project adher to the same style, avoid duplication,
  + inside each project, every chapter will have its own pumpkin, whose
    responsibility will be to maintain the documentation of the given
    chapter. Other contributors will delegate their patches to the
    chapter pumpkins and the latter will incorporate the changes into
    the document.
  + I'll start as the doc pumkin for the whole project and all
    sub-projects and will seek to delegate the sub-projects to other
    folks, as I won't be able to cope with such a big beast anymore.
  + Because of multiplicity it'll be much harder to make sure that there
    will be not much duplication of materials. We will see how we will
    handle this problem.
  + The current guide will eventually get folded into the new plethora
    of guides.
  Here is the initial proposal. This is just something I threw together
  in a few minutes, this will change when we actually start doing
  things. Your comments are welcome.
  mod_perl user guide
  Part I: Intro
  - Introduction into mod_perl
  - Getting Started Fast
  Part II: Setup
  - Installation
  - Configuration
  - Server Controlling
  Part III: Writing Code
  - Coding
  - Porting
  - API
  Part IV: Databases
  - Working with DataBases
  - Sharing Data between threads/processes
  - IPC?
  Part V: Performance
  - Performance
  Part VI: Solving Problems
  - Error Handling
  - Troubleshooting
  - Getting Helped
  mod_perl core developer guide
  - mod_perl internals
  - debugging
  - submitting patches and
  mod_perl related guides
  Part I: DataBases
  - Intro
  - Choosing the right database for the right task
  - Database Abstraction Layer
  - SQL in the Perl way
  Part II: Templates
  - Intro
  - Choosing the right template for the right task
  - Apache::Template
  Part III: Serving Email
  - Intro
  - raw SMTP
  - sendmail
  - qmail
  - postfix
  - ...
  Part IV: Application Servers/Toolkits/Embedding Perl
  - Intro
  - AxKit
  - Embperl
  - Apache::ASP
  - Apache::Pagekit
  - HTML::Mason
  - ...
  Part V: ???
  - ...

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