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From "Markus Thoemmes" <>
Subject Re: Introducing sharding as an alternative for state sharing
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2018 21:55:05 GMT
Good question Tyson,

there is no way in our fast-moving environment to get these values 100% "accurate" anyway
(at least not with some sort of state sharing as we used to have it), so the sharding loadbalancer
doesn't even try. Instead, the limits are divided among the controller evenly. On top of that,
20% slack is added to accord for round-robin imbalances in front of the controller.

If a user for example is allowed to invoke 1000 actions concurrently and we have 2 controllers
in the system, we're giving 20% slack (1200 invocations) and divide that by the number of
controllers (1200/2 = 600). Each controller now allows for 600 invocations concurrently. With
round-robin in front of them that should in practice be enough to roughly maintain the limits
as today.

Does that help?


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