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From Tyson Norris <>
Subject SPI PRs: LoadBalancer, ActivationExecutor, ContainerFactory
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2017 17:40:53 GMT
Hi - 
I wanted to give a nudge for comments on these PRs, as well as provide some context:

#2584 - LoadBalancer - to allow alternative load balancers (e.g. not-kafka, concurrent, multiple
executors, etc)

#2656 - ActivationExecutor - (builds on 2584) adds an abstraction *below* load balancer for
enabling multiple execution workflows; an example provided is “kind based”, such that
different action kinds can be executed by particular ActivationExecutor (with a fallback to
the default Kafka/invoker based executor which still can handle everything). Existing LoadBalancerService
implements both LoadBalancer and ActivationExecutor

#2659 - ContainerFactory - this one is simply providing an approach for defining how containers
are managed, which can be used to enable mesos/kube/etc container launching/killing/etc. (Kube
folks, I’m looking at you for feedback on this)

Let me know if you have comments either via GitHub for individual PR questions, or let’s
discuss on list if there is some general overall feedback to these (design, etc), since they
are somewhat all related to the flow of activation execution.  

Upcoming additional related items:
- concurrent ActivationExecutor (does container pool, but with concurrent requests and without
message queues)
- logging (to allow alternate log collection, storage, and retrieval - e.g. we want to decouple
log collection from OW processing jvms and delegate to an separate API for retrieving logs
on demand)
- authentication (not related to execution paths directly, but this is floating on our radar)

Thanks for any feedback
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