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From "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Subject Re: How to continue to use our social media channels
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:33:16 GMT
Hi Andreas,

> a) Is the process outlined above okay for all of you?> 

The process sounds well thought out.  thoughts/comments below...

#2 seems redundant since the request will go to the "private" list (which 
includes all PPMC members); were you thinking special attention was needed 
beyond this?
Perhaps this means one of the PPMC members acknowledges and speaks in 
for/against, calls for discussion (and perhaps a vote later if needed).
#3 I would be happy to be a designated "backup", but all PPMC should 
effectively be tertiary backups )
#4 I think that if the checklist is satisfied by one of the reviewers for 
a submission, they could send an email to "private" (i.e., PPMC) indicated 
"looks good, going to approve/post in X (24) hours if no one objects and 
we need to further discuss and (if not resolved) call a vote?

add of course
#5 If PPMC cannot agree, seek advice from the Apache Incubator PMC (and 
perhaps Apache legal/trademark where we would likely be sent if it comes 
to this).

> c) Who wants to help with implementing the submission form?> 

I can try to help; would be fun to see the insides of the website repo. 
having built and deployed it locally only to update some esoteric 

> d) Who wants to act as a backup while I am out?>     o/  (raises hand)

> e) Is the idea of using our private mailing list as temp solution fine > 

It is what happens anyway now (without a FORM and its structured fields). 
So fine by me... in fact, we would need to consider the FORM supporting 
attachments or have the submitter supply a link to some doc store.

> (can anyone send sth to this?)?>  was afraid to ask, but what is "sth" (
Stash file type?)?

> f) What do we want to use to share credentials? SVN, Lastpass, sth 
else?> I think that is for the PPMC to discuss?

- Matt

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