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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Re: How to continue to use our social media channels
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2017 23:59:04 GMT
As a first step, I'd make sure the site's themselves comply with Apache trademark policy.

I read you wrote you don't want to wait for a go from every PMC member. I think you want to
read up on the concept of lazy consensus, that's how for voting this is typically handled.

While on other projects I've seen far simpler processes work well in practice: share the Twitter
credentials and trust ppl will retweet only appropriate content, I like your approach of making
the conditions for inclusion explicit.

As for submission: Instead of using some web form, why not back this with a text file that
ppl can edit via pull requests and thus make their first contributions to the project? Reasoning
behind that: 

Case a) Larger content provided by third parties will usually be posted externally anyway,
so you're more likely to have trouble finding and monitoring all relevant content rather than
being in a position where ppl wait for you to publish in your channel. So my prediction would
be rather than having ppl submit content to your side you'll end up linking to other content
or asking for their ok to replicate that stuff on your site.

Case b) content coming from the community, that's initially published on your side ... You'll
probably want to allow people to collaborate on that anyway. Other projects do that on private
lists to get the message right once stuff goes public, in particular for breaking news stuff
eg press releases that are also published through Apache (talk to Sally to get more background
on her lovely media training). So any kind of web form probably wouldn't help much here anyway.

On your checklist itself: I don't get your last point. Can you elaborate please?


Am 12. Juni 2017 21:16:59 MESZ schrieb Andreas Nauerz <>:
>Hey all,
>I am currently managing most of our social media channels, which, for 
>instance, include...
>a) Twitter:
>b) Medium:
>c) Slideshare:
>d) Youtube:
>I am currently also managing our website (, including the
>events section:
>Hence, there are two things I would like to inform you about/discuss:
>I would like to establish a well defined process allowing it anyone
>of the community) to suggest/submit new tweets, new medium articles,
>slide decks or youtube videos, and new events supposed to be listed.
>anyone part of the community (any developer, any vendor, ...) working
>OpenWhisk should be allowed to use the above mentioned channels.
>The process I have in mind looks like the following:
>1. Submission to be made via an online form to be made available via 
>; as long as we do not have such a form I would like to
>to post whatever is to be submitted to our private mailing list (as a
>2. Submission to be distributed to all PPMC members
>3. I will continue to do the initial review (unless I am out; hence, I
>also looking for 1-2 backups that can take care of this process(es)
>I am out), primarily checking whatever is proposed according to a 
>checklist we all agree on (see below); if whatever is proposed conforms
>with the checklist I (or my backup) will just publish (I do not want to
>wait for a "go" by every single PPMC member as this would delay
>news far too much - we should be able to publish things quickly without
>lot of bureaucracy)
>4. PPMC members can let me know that sth should not have been
>of course (e.g. in case I have overseen something) so I can remove
>if really necessary
>[ ] Does the content conform to "good manners" (not violating/offending
>[ ] Does the content use the right trademarks and copyright correctly?
>[ ] Is there any sort of boilerplate disclaimer included?
>[ ] Is the mention of a commercial service or product done in order to 
>help users use Apache OpenWhisk, or does it serve as a general 
>[ ] Does the risk of publishing the content outweigh the benefit of 
>achieving our goals of graduating from the Incubator with a vibrant 
>In the upcoming weeks we should, as said, invest in automating this 
>process by providing said submission form, the underlying voting
>etc. (I (and others) vote for a serverless & OpenWhisk based 
>implementation *g).
>For the time being I suggest that we just explain the above outlined 
>process (on our site and let people sent their
>to our private list. If nobody objects I will take care of this this
>We also need a system to share credentials/passwords for allowing PPMC 
>members (my backups) to manage the above channels.
>It seems as SVN space set up by INFRA is the Apache way to handle this.
>What I use for privately is LastPass which allows you to share
>with others, but I am open for other solutions, too.
>Anything else you guys want to suggest/recommend?
>a) Is the process outlined above okay for all of you?
>b) Is the checklist okay? Anything you would like to add/change?
>c) Who wants to help with implementing the submission form?
>d) Who wants to act as a backup while I am out?
>e) Is the idea of using our private mailing list as temp solution fine 
>(can anyone send sth to this?)?
>f) What do we want to use to share credentials? SVN, Lastpass, sth
>Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
>Dr. Andreas Nauerz
>Technical Product Manager | Master Inventor | Member TEC Central Region
>IBM Cloud, Bluemix
> IBM Deutschland
> Schoenaicher Str. 220
> 71032 Boeblingen
> Germany
>IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH / Vorsitzender des 
>Aufsichtsrats: Martina Köderitz 
>Geschäftsführung: Dirk Wittkopp
>Sitz der Gesellschaft: Böblingen / Registergericht: Amtsgericht
>HRB 243294

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