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From Dirk Koehler <>
Subject Re: counterpart to openaz-xacml-pdp-rest
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 19:13:52 GMT
Hi Pam,

thanks for sharing the links. Yeah, curl etc does certainly do it but I was just wondering
whether there is a PEP/PDP engine implementation or at the very least a test which integrates
with the rest module remotely [1].

I’ve looked into [2] but it seems the StdPepAgentFactor/PEP agents instantiated here use
a local PdpEngine instance rather than the remote web service/servlet.

In case I end up implementing an PEP agent/PDP engine using a remote service, is that worth
implementing such it can be contributed back to openaz?

Thx, dirk


> On Feb 26, 2016, at 7:02 AM, DRAGOSH, PAMELA L (PAM) <>
> Dirk,
> Thereąs not a whole lot needed on the PEP side to integrate with the
> RESTful implementation of the PDP. Its simply an HTTP Post where the
> contents are either a JSON request or XML request. You can use curl at the
> very least.
> The specifications were fairly simple, here is the pointer to the XACML
> REST specification:
> pdf
> If you want to send JSON request, the specification for that is here:
> v1.0-cs01.pdf
> Pam
> On 2/25/16, 4:05 PM, "Dirk Koehler" <>
> wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I started to explore the possibility to use xacml3.0/openaz for one of
>> the projects Iąm working on.
>> Since there is not a whole lot of documentation available I have a simple
>> question. The 'openaz-xacml-pdp-restą module implements a PDP web service
>> using REST, but I was not able to find any pointer to an PEP integrating
>> with this web service? Am I missing something or does this simply not
>> exist yet?
>> Regards,
>> dirk

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