We have recently started using Apache ODE in our project. Can you please help me with the following?

1) Steps to be taken to integrate Apache ODE with MySQL db. I followed all the steps from  "http://sathwikbp.blogspot.de/2013/09/apache-ode-on-tomcat-7-with-bitronix.html" but I am  still getting  the error - "15:24:12,694 ERROR [ODEServer] Error starting database connections, check the database configuration!
java.lang.RuntimeException: TransactionManager is not recoverable." Attached are the files from my local for reference.

2) Does ODE create the tables it needs or do I need to set them up? If the latter is true, is there a script that I can use?
3) What is the best way to debug Bpel processes deployed in Apache ODE?
4) How can I look up transaction audit logs? Can I add items to be logged along with the ones that ODE logs itself? Is there a way to turn the logging on and off?

It would be great if you could send instructions for these or point in the right direction. I really appreciate your time.