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From arunjolly <jollya...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache ODE 1.3.5 - In Memory Execution - How stable ?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 16:22:51 GMT


We use apache ode 1.3.3 inside Servicemix 3.3.2 for implementing our
workflows. When the load increases (ie number of flow invocations per unit
time ), ode freezes, stops processing new requests and hangs. Usullay, we
solve the issue by doing a Servicemix restart after a cleanup of the 'data'

Initially, i thought that this was a thread problem ( lack of threads for
ode to use ). After increasing the 'thread pool size' in ode-jbi.properties,
this problem got addressed to an extend. But still, under heavy load, ode
continues to hang.

Further investigation, with additional logging revealed that under heavy
load, ode is unable to get enough connections to the DB
(NoManagedConnectionException ) to persist its state. Our ode persistence
configuration is INTERNAL (refer to ode-jbi.db.mode=INTERNAL ) where the
connection pool is maintained by the container/runtime itself. Efforts to
migrate it to a EXTERNAL jndi datasource configuration ( where we can
configure the connection pool parameters ) has not yet borne fruit ( Thanks
to my inability to comprehend the zillion errors that keep cropping up at
each stage :( :) )

So i tried the other available option, 'In-Memory execution' of my
processes. This works fine in a 'test setup' and it no longer throws the
'NoManageConnectionException' under simulated load.

But i have a few concerns about moving this to PROD.  How different is
In-Memory execution different from 'persisted' execution ? How much more
memory will this consume ? Will this affect the reliability of my PROD setup
by causing 'OutOfMemoryOutages'.

We have about 10 deployed bpel processes. And the load (no. of requests
)...well it is usually minimal, but sometimes spikes up ( that's where i
need my processes to run really fast but without causing any OutOfMemory
PROD outages...hopefully :D :) :P )

Need your thoughts, suggestions and advice on this.

Thanks in advance,
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