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From Alessio Carenini <alessio.caren...@cefriel.com>
Subject Cloudfoundry support
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 14:39:36 GMT
Hi all,
we're trying to modify ODE to allow runnig it on the Cloudfondry PaaS. With  
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ODE-959 we made the first step, and 
allowed publishing an ODE engine on the cloud. We would like to extend the 
support for that PaaS, and allow ODE to run as a multiple instance webapp for 
load balancing purposes.

So my questions to the developers are:
* does ODE keep all the sessions/process instances information in the 
database? If so, we could obtain a single process (plus its related instances) 
being managed by multiple engines.
* which files are generated once a process is deployed on ODE? If we manage to 
shift from file-based to db-based we "should" be sure that the information is 
shared between all the ODE instances running in parallel.

Thank you in advance


Alessio Carenini
CEFRIEL - ICT Institute Politecnico di Milano
Via Fucini, 2 - 20133 Milano (Italy)
e: alessio.carenini@cefriel.it - skype: ale.carenini
live messenger: alessio.carenini@cefriel.it - w: www.cefriel.it
p: +39 0223954352 - f: +39 0223954352

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