I am trying to implement a business process but need some help. Simply I have a "process" activity which invokes a partner link and returns obtained information when called. In addition, I have another activity called "onUpdate" which I receive an endpoint reference. "onUpdate" activity receives new end point reference which I use for invocation in "process" activity. As a result, end point reference which is used for obaining information in "process" activity changes dynamically. I know it is simple but I also added its diagram to avoid misunderstandings.

Currently, I can properly update end point reference. However, since a new instance is created on each "process" activity call, invocation is done via initial end point reference rather than dynamically updated reference because I loose out new endpoint reference with its instance. I need a variable to store endpoint reference which can be used by all other instances. How can I accomplish this? Is it possible via correlation sets?

Thanks all,