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From George <george.n...@gmx.net>
Subject REST webservice on BPEL with WSDL1.1 extensions
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 07:58:26 GMT
Hi all,

This is the first sequence of a couple of mails describing my problems. 
The next one will be a reply to this. Please do not consider it as spam ;)

I'm trying to access a REST webservice within a BPEL process. I'm
using the HTTP bindings and I'm following the examples in apache-ode-

I have change the example somehow to fit the webservice I want to
access. Actually as it is a newbie program I'm accessing a REST
webservice available on the freely avalilabe on the web (http://

I'm using Eclipse BPEL Designer and it seems that there is no error
reported from it. The issue is that I'm getting the following error
each time I try to call the BPEL process.

Exception reported ---> http://pastebin.com/JeWPsszx

Any idea? The remote server is online and responding, but I don't know
why the iternal of ODE claims there is a connection error.

I also attach the different files:
BPEL_rest.bpel --> http://pastebin.com/QL03MHz9
BPEL_RestArtifacts.wsdl --> http://pastebin.com/HpArvmnG
RestAsWS.wsdl --> http://pastebin.com/8QdnUK7U

Any help will be more than appreciated.


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