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From Luis Miguel Silva <luismiguelferreirasi...@gmail.com>
Subject Question about interfacing with external web services
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 20:39:03 GMT
Dear all,

I just found out about Apache ODE this week and i've been extremely
excited for its capabilities! (so i would like to start by
congratulating and showing my appreciation by all the developers :o)).

I've been playing around with Eclipse BPEL and was able to deploy a
sample "hello world" program (following this tutorial ->
but i have a lot of questions on how to interface with an actual
external web service.
I've been reading a lot and could not find a good top / down example
on how to interface with an external web service, use multiple input
variables and multiple output variables, as well as how to convert
between different types [i.e. i get a boolean result but want to shove
it into a string] (i know i'll have to use xPATH to do it but it is
still not clear to me how it works as, even just using the Eclipse
BPEL designer, i still get a lot of bizarre errors).

I ended up creating a very simple project with an if statement that
tries to understand the value of the boolean variable and correctly
populate the string one and, although Eclipse does not complain about
any errors, the Apache ODE Deployment Descriptor does not seem to
recognize the WDSL definitions for my project...ARGH!
"Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the
document.	deploy.xml	/myproject/bpelContent	line 1	XML Problem
It's also not entirely clear to me what the difference is between a
global or local variable / partner link?

Does anybody know any good tutorials that go into a little more detail
than the one i mentioned above?
I'm interested in learning to both use the Eclipse BPEL designer and
defining the BPEL packages myself.

I've attached my sample project to this email. I would be extremely
grateful if someone can help me understand what am i doing wrong and
point me on the right direction!
This project just tries to consume an external web service (as
described here ->
http://services.sapo.pt/Metadata/Contract/ADSL?culture=PT) and return
"true" or "false" based on that service's reply.
I would really love to see a couple of more complex examples on how to
throw exceptions, conditions, passing a variable number of inputs
(which is another thing i DO NOT understand how to do), etc.

Thanks a lot my friends,
Luis Silva

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