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From "Steve Strauch" <steve.stra...@iaas.uni-stuttgart.de>
Subject Challenge using doXslTransform with additional parameters which are messages
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 17:15:59 GMT
Dear all,


I would like to ask you for help regarding the following challenge.


I try to transform four response messages from two video and two audio

containing arrays of data on available videos and audios to a request
message for another web service.


Therefore, I specified the following BPEL assign:


<bpel:assign validate="no" name="Assign values to compliant video and audio
list request message">



, $VideosFromVideoSportResponse.parameters,
"AudioSportRequestAudiosResponse", $AudiosFromAudioSportResponse.parameters,



<bpel:to part="parameters" variable="AssembleVideoAndAudioListRequest">





The challenge is, that the XSL transformation only works for the first
"default" parameter $VideosFromVideoSportResponse.parameters, but the other
additional and following parameters in the signature of the function are

I use and have to use Apache ODE version 1.1.1, because I have to use an
extension that has been implemented by a student based on version 1.1.1, but
this extension is completely independent of the challenge I describe here. 

During the execution, there is no fault or error message in the logging
output of ODE with debug on.


I attached the corresponding XSL style sheet. 

For the content of the input parameters of the doXslTransform function and
the content of the output variable AssembleVideoAndAudioListRequest please
see the attachment.


I already took a look in the specification of BPEL 2.0, "asked" Google,
searched in the ode-user-mailing list archive and I took a look on the
Apache ODE test cases for the doXslTransform function, but unfortunately I
did not found any solution yet.


I'd really appreciate your help!


Thanks a lot in advance.


Best regards,






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