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From Rafal Rusin <rafal.ru...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to insert a new child into a sequence element in the message?
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2009 21:00:15 GMT
Possibly you need to have a variable $refunds consisting of one
element with multiple elements inside.
Check out working example from here:

There is something like:

2009/11/18 Filip Majernik <filip.majernik@gmail.com>:
> Hi guys,
> I have following scenario using ODE 1.3.2: The process receives a message
> with more elements <refund> in a sequence. Then it processes them in a
> foreach acitvity and should insert them into a request message for another
> service.
> The process fails with a selection failure at this activity, which is a part
> of an assign activity in the foreach loop (if I comment it out, it works,
> however with no refund elements in the request):
> <bpel:copy>
>     <bpel:from>
>          <![CDATA[ode:insert-as-last-into($refunds, $refundTmp)]]>
>     </bpel:from>
>     <bpel:to>
>          <![CDATA[$refunds]]>
>     </bpel:to>
> </bpel:copy>
> The variable $refundTmp is properly filled with data and $refunds is also
> properly initialized before the foreach loop starts.
> Can you please help me? Am I doing something wrong, or is there any issue
> about the insert-as-last-into extension??? I really need this to be done as
> soon as possible :)
> Thank you in advance.
> Filip

Rafał Rusin

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