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From Ciaran <ciar...@gmail.com>
Subject Large BPEL and StackOverflows on persist :(
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 15:47:27 GMT
The current 1.x_ branch gives me StackOverflow exceptions when
persisting out the CBP files.  I believe this is due to the original
XML elements that are sitting around inside the DebugInfo instances
(they're serialised along calls to 'nextSibling' which means that if
you have a large sequence of elements at the same level in the node
hierarchy you end up with a very deep recurision)

To temporarily resolve this for me I marked OBase.debugInfo as
transient which was clearly a temporary measure to bootstrap me up and
running again.

Looking at the 'DebugInfo' class I can see that the comment on the
readObject method explicitly notes that loading in
extensibilityElements is a bad plan, but continues to do so anyway in
the code ( a result of a fix in r813870 for bug PXEI-684)

Is there anyway we can modify the writeObject method and update the
readObject method to make this property transient as a configuration
parameter ?

Many thanks

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