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From Tammo van Lessen <tvanles...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Develop a new BPEL extension
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:39:10 GMT
Hi Anil,

the benefit of an xpath extension is that you don't have do deal with 
accessing variables, thinking of from and to etc.

Anyways, as starting point for extension activities/assign operations, 
create a class implementing  AbstractSyncExtensionOperation and 
implement runSync with your custom code. The ExtensionContext will 
provide you all methods needed for accessing variables etc, the element 
contains the DOM element that is nested within the 
<extensionAssignOperation> element.

Then create a subclass of AbstractExtensionBundle, define the namespace 
and register your operation in registerExtensionActivities by calling 

Finally, package these classes, add the jar to ODE's class path and 
register our bundle class in the ode-*.properties file.


On 27.11.2009 13:24, BlueDiamond wrote:
> Thanks a lot Tammo for your quick reply&  for the solution. =)
> I considered this approach but currently, I have to find if developing a
> BPEL extension can possibly address this requirement. I think it should be
> possible but I am clueless as to how to develop one. :-((
> Thanks,
> Anil
> Tammo van Lessen wrote:
>> Hi Anil,
>> I think a custom XPath function is what you want. Please have a look at
>> http://www.intalio.org/confluence/display/PXE/Custom+XPath+Functions -
>> it should work the same with Apache ODE.
>> HTH,
>>     Tammo
>> On 27.11.2009 13:03, BlueDiamond wrote:
>>> Hey guys!
>>> I want to develop a new BPEL extension and despite going through the
>>> available documentation&   e4x sample, I couldn't really find a way to
>>> proceed.
>>> REQUIREMENT: I want to give encrypted password in my bpel file. I have a
>>> java class that provides decrypt method. How to invoke this method? e4x
>>> is
>>> for javascripts. Can I invoke this java method from e4x
>>> extensionAssignOperation? How?
>>> Regards=),
>>> Anil

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