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From Daniel Maier <m...@daniel-maier.eu>
Subject ODE Performance
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2009 12:18:51 GMT
Dear ODE Dev. Team,
recently I installed Apache ODE 1.3.3 on my Server.
First of all i want to thank for the great work you have done so far :)

My question:
I have deployed approximately 10 processes in my ODE installation.
But now i ran into some performance issuses.

A process which invokes 2-3 WebServices needs a lot of time (up to 2 
If I invoke each process directly via a WebService testing tool, i got 
an immediate response.
Therefore i think that the single services are not the bottle neck.

Perhabs there is just some sort of debug-mode still enabled?
What kind of hardware (CPU/RAM) do you recommend?
I hope you can give me some hint, how i can speed up ODE a little :)

My system onfiguration:
* ODE is using MySQL
* ODE is running under Tomcat 6
* Tomcat is using Java6

Thanks in advance and keep rocking :)

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